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Located in direct vicinity to the lake that also carries it's name is the popular air spa town. Next to guaranteed relaxation, the town has a lot to offer in terms of wellness and spa treatments, as well as culture and recreational activities. A stay at the Weißensee will surely be remembered fondly by you.

The town dates back to the 12th century, where it was firstly mentioned in archived records. The lake including the surrounding area was donated by the franconian king in the 8th century to the bishop. During the secularization and the years that followed, the area's ownership changed and it was finally acquired in the 1920s by the city of Füssen from private ownership. Since then Weißensee belongs to the region of Füssen and neatlessly fits into the touristically developed area.

The geographic naming of Weißensee is misleading, as it's not really a single location but a region with 23 districts, which include Bachtal, Benken, Brand, Hinteregg, Hof, Hub, Hubmannsegg, Moos, Niederried, Oberdeusch, Oberkirch, Oberried, Roßmoos, Schwarzenbach, See, Spöttl, Tal, Unterdeusch, Vorderegg, Weißensee, Wiedmar, Wies and Wörth.

At an altitude of 800 - 1200 meters you can do a number of activities that are beneficial to your health that you'll enjoy, no matter if you do them by yourself or with a partner. A special gem of health tourism is the wellness hotel Bergruth, which has limited space to offer with it's 30 rooms, but provides a large range of wellness and relaxation programs.

More than just a spa town

The most award winning spa town has a lot more to offer. After a relaxed ayurvedic treatment or a demanding bicycle tour around the Weißensee lake, Weißensee invites you to discover it's sights. Directly above the lake lies the parish church of Weißensee, with a graveyard that's more than 800 years old. The roman substructure of the steeple still can be looked at today. In other smaller districts, similar chapels and sacred buildings can be found. In Wies for example a perfectly kept, restaurated chapel, that was built in the 17th century can be seen in the the unique town of Walmdach.

People that enjoy modern daytime and nighttime activities will enjoy the large number of events in the municipality. A sunset tour with a canoe is the ideal conclusion of an idyllic, romantic holiday. You can also regularly find exhibitions of local photography, paintings and music. The Weißensee band, which plays on traditional alpine horns, regularly invites you to listen to their music.

How you decide to spend your relaxed holiday is up to you. Weißensee offers the complete program of recreational activities and is an ideal destination throughout the whole year. In the winter, countless cross country skiing tracks in the middle of dreamy winter world draw many people to the area, while in the summer the vast sports and recreational options of the Allgäu make the region a very attractive holiday destination.

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