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The Via Claudia Augusta

The Via Claudia Augusta is an antique roman road, that connected parts of Bavaria with northern Italy. Nowadays it's a popular touristic road. Along the road, which goes from the Bavarian Donauwörth up to Ostiglia in Italy, lots of beautiful cities, cultural sights and culinary specialties can be enjoyed.

Along the Via Claudia Augusta beautiful landscapes and historic places can be discovered. The Bavarian part of the popular touristic road goes from the romantic city of Donauwörth, to the old roman provincial city of Augsburg,  continues to the medieval looking Landsberg am Lech, through the beautiful region of Pfaffenwinkel, up to Füssen in the Allgäu, with it's many sights as for example the castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. Afterward the route continues over the alps to Venice and Ostiglia. Overall the Via Claudia Augusta is about 700km long.

„Europe’s cultural axis“, as the Via Claudia Augusta is called, offers countless sights and great experiences of nature. It offers clear signposts and many people like to travel along it with their bicycles. Bicycle friendly accommodations can be found along the route that offer various services to cyclists, as for example a bicycle shuttle that goes over the mountain passes of Tirol. Hikers enjoy the route as well. In 31 daily stages at about 5 hours walking time per stage, wide parts of the historic route can be explored. A special romantic and unforgettable experience is the travel over the Via Claudia Augusta with a stagecoach. The trip takes about 7 days.

You can also simply follow parts of the historic route by car. No matter how you choose to travel, alongside the route there is a lot to discover: historical towns, great natural experiences in three countries, many sights and traces of the old Romans, as well as culinary specialties of the different regions. Accommodations and guesthouses can easily be found in great numbers along the popular roman road.

The Via Claudia Augusta promises unforgettable experiences. If you have the chance to follow the traces of the ancient Romans, you shouldn't let it slip!

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