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The Romantic Road

Holiday destinations in Germany are as plentiful as holidaymakers themselves. While some prefer a city holiday including modern urban sights with the hustle and bustle of cities, others prefer places far away from it all where they can stay in symbiosis with nature and relax in an idyllic environment.

If you're looking for a holiday destination, you're likely to get to the romantic road after a short time. The most known holiday road of the country goes along the south over 366 kilometers and unites culture with wellness, recreational activities and the idyll of nature.

Würzburg and Rotenburg
The romantic road is known especially for it's attractive landscape and serves as an important point of orientation for holiday planing. Almost all intermediate stops are surrounded by an extraordinary landscape or a unique townscape full of historic buildings or structures.

In the north, the road starts in Würzburg, where among other things the first German knight tournament took place in the year of 1127. The city was an important location in the Bavarian electorate.

Further along, the road leads up to Rotenburg ob der Tauber in Mittelfranken, which serves as an important point on the romantic road with it's medieval old town that is almost entirely intact. There you can also find the natural park Frankenhöhe. Rotenburg still remains a prototype of a central European old town.

Via Dinkelsbühl to Augsburg
A city which dates back to the times of the staufen can be found directly after Rotenburg: The town of Dinkelsbühl in the state of Baden-Württemberg with it's 11.000 residents that is home to several historical buildings, like the cappuchin monastery which was errected in 1622, the German house with it's beautiful ornaments, the old town hall with a history dating back oer 700 years or the graveyard St. Vinzenz, which has the status of a historic monument.

When you follow the road, you'll get to Ausgburg, which has a special place in the history of Bavaria. The Bavarian bishops used to live there and steered the interests of the church in the state of Bavaria. Even today you can find evidence of the great past of Augsburg, as for example the cathedral of our dear lady, which is the most visited sight of the city. Augsburg is also one of the greenest major city of Germany, with a proportion of green space of over 30%.

The crowning completion

The romantic road ends a bit south of Augsburg in the Allgäu. There you can find the relics of the Bavarian monarchy, as a crowning glory of the holiday road, in the middle of the idyll of the eastern Allgäu.

The region of Füssen draws tourists from around the world with it's beautiful landscape full of lakes which include the Weißensee and Hopfsee, as well as it's spa towns like Bad Faulenbach or Füssen itself and of course the castles of Ludwig II. From Neuschwanstein to the castle of Linderhof, you get to relive the history of Bavaria again, directly in front of the beautiful scenery of the bordering alps.

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