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The Neuschwanstein Castle

The eastern Allgäu has lots of activities to offer for anyone from the lone idyll vacationer to families, couples and tour groups. In the middle of the breathtaking idyllic landscapes, between lakes and forests lies the main attraction of southern Bavaria up on a hill: The castle of Neuschwanstein. It's unique, fairy tale style architecture isn't the only thing that makes this castle worth seeing.

During medieval times, while the first castles were built along the region of Füssen in the eastern Allgäu along the romantic road, two castles already existed where Neuschwanstein stands today. Ludwig II, who spent his childhood in the region already learned to love it at that time. When his father Ludwig I died, he used his enormous financial means to build his long desired fairy tale castle. In 1869 the king started the construction of the castle, which he personally supervised and controlled to fit all his personal wants and needs.

The castle with all of its glamor is also an everlasting sign of the megalomania and the delusions of grandeur of Ludwig II. Neuschwanstein was supposed to be a place where he could house events like theater plays and operas, which the fan of Wagner wanted to enjoy in silent solitude. At last it was his refuge from political and governmental responsibilities, which the King did not have much interest in. The childish dreams of the tragic king are also reflected in it's architecture, which the Disney castle in the Disney World Resort in Florida is based on among many others.

Design and premises

The castle has several towers, doors and fortifications. The highest tower is the 45 meters high square tower at the courtyard. There you can also find a viewing platform with a view on the surrounding landscape.

Within the giant building you can find more than 200 separate rooms which range from accommodations for servants to guestrooms and supply rooms. Only 15 of those rooms are completely finished and furnished. Overall, the castle measures about 6000m² in floor space.

The largest rooms of the castle are open to visitors. The throne hall and the singing hall offer a real insight into the mind of Ludwig II and his ideas about the way his castle was supposed to look like. With a dimension of 27 x 10 meters, the singing room is the largest of all rooms and was supposed to serve the king as a place where all kinds of world renown works such as Wagner's operas were supposed to be to be shown.

If you decide to take a trip to Neuschwanstein, it's best to take a whole day to be able to explore it to the fullest extend. Daytrips to Neuschwanstein are regularly organized and include the transport to and from the castle. Neuschwanstein is suitable for families and couples alike, as well as for solo travelers.

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