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The Linderhof Palace

A bit further away from the romantic road is a small but interesting sight of the Bavarian monarchic history. If you make the effort to visit the east Bavarian community of Ettal, you'll be able to visit the „royal villa“. As all castles in the region, this castle was also built by king Ludwig II and strongly separates itself from castles like Neuschwanstein or Hohenschwangau through it's location, furnishing and general architecture.

This castle is the smallest of all castles that Ludwig II ever built. This is also the reason why it was finished while he was still alive, while Neuschwanstein remained unfinished. Almost half a million visitors come to Ludwig II's favorite castle every year.

Originally the hunting residence of Max II existed on the grounds of the current castle of Linderhof, which he built out of an old, crumbling farm.

After his crowning, the young Ludwig II dreamt of a castle based on the french castle of Versailles, which is why the fairy tale king next to his plans for Neuschwanstein also commissioned the construction of the Linderhof castle. The smallest castle by far in the region was continually extended by additions until it was eventually walled off in the year of 1873 by a stone wall similar to the castle of Nymphenburg in Munich. It still stands in it's original form today.

Layout and the insides of the castle

The layout of the castle is symmetric, despite the constant additions over the years. Overall you can find twelve large halls in the castle, of which the largest are the bedroom of the king as well as a mirror hall. When it comes to his sleeping quarter, Ludwig II also got inspirations from the visions of Ludwig XIV, but didn't choose exactly the same colors. The unrestricted admiration of the sun king by the builder Ludwig II also can be seen in some of the paintings in the dining hall, as well as in the portraits of french aristocrats.


Not only the insides of the castle invite the visitor for explorations. Inspired by Versailles, but greatly reduced in size, it was planned in 1874 and contains an enormous water basin, in which fountains go up to 25 meters high.  There are also cascades and waterfall like flows that extend over 30 marble stairs in front of the bedroom.

The idyllic and gorgeous park borders directly to the beech and pine forest  of the Ammergau mountains. The visitor can experience diverse landscapes during his walk, from extensive pastures to changing beech and oak forests.

A visit of the castle of Linderhof is a must for any nature lover and people interested in history alike. Inform yourself about attractive special offers and daytrips.

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