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The Lech

The Lech is one of the less known rivers of southern Bavaria. Despite it's low water level and short length, it's especially known for the areas it flows through, which are the eastern Allgäu and the „King's nook“, where it attracts lots of tourists.

It's split by the Forggensee, originates from Vorarlberg and ends in southern Bavaria, where it flows into the Donau.

A piece of alpine idyll
The Lech has a total length of about 260 kilometers. The largest Bavarian area around the Lech is popular with tourists for a long time already, especially  because of it's picturesque natural scenery. In several parts of the river, tourists can cross the river with a float or canoe on it. The natural monuments along the river as well as the nature reserves draw thousands of visitors every year, especially during the summer months.

The Lechfall
A special spectacle can be found in the city of Füssen in the eastern Allgäu. There you can find a dam of seven meters in height that breaks up the river,  which leads to a cascade like flow of it. This so called Lechfall is the biggest waterfall in Germany. Even though it's not a natural waterfall many people enjoy it in the summer as well as in the winter. You'll also find the Magnustritt, which is shrouded in legends. The holy Magnus allegedly left his footprint when he jumped over the Lechfall while being on the run from his pursuers.

Significance in Germany
While the Lech still has the characteristics of a wild river in Austria, in Germany it is enjoyed as a picturesque tourist attraction. Several amateur fishermen as well as anglers are using the river for their sport especially in the eastern Allgäu area. You can regularly find fishing competitions on it's riverbanks.

South of Augsburg there is an area consisting out of diverse protected shrublands, the so called Lechtalhaiden, which offer unique, untouched surroundings that are very biodiverse.

If you want to experience on of the most beautiful river of the Allgäu, your best opportunity to do so is to take a trip to the area. Located in the direct vicinity of the area of Füssen with it's fairy tale castles Neuschwanstein and the high castle of Füssen, the area offers excellent destinations for an excursion. A discovery tour of the river is possible in combination with a day trip through the historically steeped landscape.

Further opportunities offered to tourists are bicycle trips alongside the river or a walk on the riverbanks on one of the many footpaths. The tours on offer in the area of Füssen are diverse and provide something for everybody from families to couples or individual tourists.

Discover the most beautiful river of the alps and visit it's untouched, idyllic riverside on a trip to the Allgäu!

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