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The Hohenschwangau Castle

A bit further along the romantic road, which is the touristic center of Bavaria, lies the castle of Hohenschwangau, directly across the castle of Neuschwanstein in the district that carries it's name. Only located a few minutes away from Füssen, the completely restaurated castle can be visited. Stylistically and historically the castle is very different from it's counterpart Neuschwanstein. If you take the time to visit Hohenschwangau, you can especially relive history again from within.

Hohenschwangau looks back on a history of eight centuries. In the 12th century The first records of the „Schwanstein Castle“ appear as the residence of local monarchs. During the following centuries the castle withered, crumbled and got rebuilt repeatedly. The castle it's current form was built by king Maximilian II, who acquired the castle ruins and rebuilt the castle until 1837. The neogothic style can be seen in the whole castle and has lost nothing of it's original glamor.

The Interior

The biggest highlight might be the interior of the castle. The furnishing dates back to the Biedermeier time, which is slightly different from the late romantic style and is almost entirely present in it's original form. In the different rooms the visitor can see different aspects of the every day royal life at that time.

The bedroom of queen Mary, who was the mother of Ludwig II, is also called the „oriental room“. The king, who wanted to remind himself of his travels to Greece and Turkey, had the room decorated in an oriental style. The paintings on the walls and ceilings match the style and give it an enormous authenticity.

The dressing and music room of the kings Maximilian II and Ludwig II is especially fascinating for people interested in culture. The piano which is still on display today, allegedly served as an instrument for Richard Wagner, while he was staying in Hohenschwangau. The „Hohenstaufenzimmer“ is kept in the bright and less pompous Biedermeier style and separates itself from the rest of the castle in it's simplicity.

In the bedroom of the kings the visitor will be surprised by the brightly lit star filled sky, that can be activated via the room above. The bedroom, which is also called the „Tassozimmer“ and kept in the Biedermeier style otherwise impresses through it's pompous wall paintings and it's artfully crafted floor. Here you can experience the childish side of Ludwig II up close.

Notes on Hohenschwangau

It's not permitted to bring pets of any kind. Please inform yourself about an accommodation for your pet before you visit the castle. In the whole area that encompasses the castle it is not permitted to smoke. Photography is also not permitted. If you want to visit the insides of the castle, you'll have to take part in a guided tour, which lasts about 35 minutes.

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