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The Forggensee

In the middle of the king's nook one can find the the reservoir of Roßhaupten, which most people only know under it's second name, that the locals use as well: The Forggensee lake. The artificial lake, which is located in the administrative district of the eastern Allgäu, is the largest lake of the pre alpine region and connects two parts of the river Lech with each other.

Even though it doesn't seem like it: The Forggensee is not a natural lake. During the ice ages massive water masses already existed in the areas during the ice ages, but they turned into a wild water landscape in the Lechtal. With the invention of hydroelectric power generation, a plan for the reservoir was being made, but it's realization took until 1954 when the Forggensee was finally completed in it's current form. 

The Forggensee is an important place for the generation of energy in the pre alpine area. The energy is generated through the use of two turbines and goes into a storage power plant. A greater importance of the lake is given to the prevention of floods as well as recreation. 

In the waters a big stock of fishes can be found, which is maintained by the local fishing association of Füssen. Pikes, carps, pike-perches, as well as trouts can be found here, especially during the summer when the reservoir reaches it's full water capacity. The Forggensee lake is also a resting place for Migratory birds and water birds. Altogether the Forggensee offers an excellent natural scenery, which couldn't represent the alpine idyll any better.

Tourism at the Forggensee

In the cold winter months the lake is dry and it's bottom is accessible by foot.  Sometimes you can find the left overs of old houses and fortifications, which were demolished during the construction of the lake. A special event are the leftovers of the old roman road Via Claudia Augustana, which are still somewhat recognizable.

In the summer you can see the whole beauty of the Foggersee with all it's touristic attractions. Ships recently started to transport visitors over the lake to various holiday destinations on a daily basis, with a continuous view of the idyllic alpine landscape.

Watersports enthusiasts can try their luck in one of the several surfing schools or enjoy the good wind conditions during a sailing trip. Swimmers will also enjoy the specially constructed see baths.

Around the lake you can find plenty of hiking trails, bicycle trails and wild paths that are especially popular with tourists during the summer months. The Forggensee impressively integrates into the alpine landscape in a natural way, despite it's artificial origins, which makes a visit to the lake a mandatory thing for every tourist in the area of the king's nook.

Due to it's touristic popularity it's also a place where different competitions and events in the area of water sports take place. You can watch sailing competitions as well as swimming competitions, or just decide to relax at the lake bath. A visit to the Forggensee really shouldn't be missing in your holiday plans.

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