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Lakes in the region around Füssen

Füssen's lake landscape is diverse and multifaceted. A holiday in this Allgäu town should also include an exploration of the bathing lakes. It can be combined with a bicycle tour or a mountain bike excursion, hiking or a day trip to the alpine foothills.

Each of these bathing lakes, of which there are more than 10 in the direct region, offer a unique charm and fit neatlessly into the picturesque landscape.


The most well known lake is probably the Forggensee, which is the biggest lake in the Allgäu and therefore the most visited. Tourists as well as locals like it due to it's majestic location and it's multitude of hiking, biking and walking routes. If you just want to relax after a day of bathing, you can also do this. The ships on the Forggensee will bring you quickly to your desired destination. You'll also have the opportunity to learn to surf or sail.


The Hopfensee is the warmest lake in the pre alpine area and an ideal travel destination, especially for families. With it's unique view of the alpine mountaintops and the surrounding landscape, a day for two is also a romantic experience. Bathing tourists can use the lake without any restrictions. If you're looking for hiking trails towards the Hopfensee, the locals will be happy to provide recommendations to you.

Leisure and sports at Füssen's lakes

Several other lakes can be explored by tourists. They all offer a large choice of leisure and touristic offers, which suit everyone from individual tourists to couples or families.

Are you looking for something different? How about taking your family on a canoe or dragon boat tour on the biggest lake in the pre alpine region. Combine it with a relaxed hike and learn everything you need from certified canoe instructors on location.

A more conventional sporting activity is learning to surf or sail in one of the many surfing and sailing schools. The perfect weather of the Allgäu region as well as the conditions on the lakes make surfing and sailing easy to learn. The perfect wind conditions of the alpine region guarantee an easy learning process and lots of fun!

People that like to view sporting events also get their fair share of entertainment. The Weißensee, as well as the Forggensee are a venue for multiple regattas each year that your exciting to watch for every sailing enthusiast. From one of the multiple restaurants located at the waterside as well as lakeside resorts, you'll have an excellent view of the watersports events in a relaxed setting.

If you like to do relaxed sports you can also rent electric or pedal boats and cross the lake in your speed of choice. It's also a perfect activity for couples!

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