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A different kind of lake is located directly next to the small town of Hopfen, which is also called the Riviera of the Allgäu. The Hopfensee is the destination for countless of families and group tours every year.

The lake, which lies north of Füssen is a natural water and has lost nothing of it's majestic elegance.

The most important reason for it's touristic popularity is it's location north of Füssen in the county of East-Allgäu, which means that all sides of the lakeshore provide an unrestricted view of the landscape of the bordering alps. Visitors enjoy the view of snowy glaciers in the summer as well as in the winter, while the water of the Hopfensee peacefully flows around. 

People that enjoy solitude and idyll will be hard pressed to find a lake with so many contrasts. While the northern and eastern shore are completely touristically developed, the southern shore is overgrown with reeds and only attracts few hikers and cyclists that want to enjoy the solitude. You can cross the lake with a simple pedal boat or rowing boat, which can be rented at the river promenade for little money.

Water sports enthusiasts can take a swim or find a new challenge in kite-surfing.

The unique beauty of the Hopfensee makes the spa town of Hopfen, which is located at the northern shore, a popular tourist attraction. There you can find many restaurants and bars, various sea baths but also plenty of hotels with  diverse health and wellness programs. Combine the naturally crisp air of the lake with an extensive spa treatment and enjoy a relaxed dinner at the river promenade!

Camping at the Hopfensee

A further highlight at the Hopfensee is the opportunity to camp. Located at the east of the lake, directly at the lakeshore, you can find the camping ground „Camping Hopfensee“. The campsite has a history dating back 50 years and features a camping ground that was awarded with a 5 star rating, which is unmatched in all of Bavaria. Sporting activities can be done in the campsite's own indoor swimming pool or in the integrated sports hall. If you want to be in solitude you can stay at the spacious pastures where you can enjoy an undisturbed camping holiday. You can also make the trip to the southern lakeshore which is overgrown with reeds and enjoy a romantic day for two in the wilderness of nature, without many tourists in sight.

The Hopfensee is one of the warmest waters in the pre alpine area, which makes the outdoor bathing options even more attractive for young and old. No matter if you choose to swim in a lake bath or in nature, you're guaranteed to enjoy yourself!

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