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Hotel Füssen
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If you're looking for known cities in the Allgäu region, you'll quickly find yourself in Füssen. The city located in the eastern Allgäu is located in the direct vicinity of the romantic road and deserves it's popularity beyond the borders of the free state of Bavaria due to it's vast history, rich tradition and little quirks that make it special.

With around 14.000 inhabitants it's a relatively small city, but due to it's touristic popularity it's numbers quickly multiply during the holiday months and turns all four districts of the city into lively places. The city is located next to the river of Lech and the smaller river of the Isar, which runs into the Lech. It stretches out over more than 40 square kilometers.


  • Alatsee
  • Alpsee
  • Forgensee
  • Hopfensee
  • Weissensee


Hotels & Apartments

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Hotel Weissensee Füssen
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