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Fishing in the Allgäu region

The region in and around the picturesque city of Füssen in the Allgäu is a real paradise for fishers and anglers. Between the majestic mountains and the gentle hills you'll find countless picturesque lakes and flowing waters that contain almost all kind of fishes.

Fishing and angling in the middle of an idyllic and gorgeous landscape can be done in and around Füssen. An example for this would be the Weißensee, which is known for it's whitefish and where the angling season already starts in the middle of April. No matter if you're angling for fishes from a boat or from the lakeside, you're guaranteed to enjoy nature.

You'll find several kinds of fish as for example pike, char, whitefish, trouts, carps and perches. An angling restriction exists for carps and game fish (only 2 can be caught per person), otherwise you can fish as much as you like. You're allowed to use up to two handline rods, but for trolling and hegenefishing only one rod is allowed. All bait except live bait is permitted.

A breathtaking experience is also guaranteed by the largest lake of the region – the 12km long and 3km wide Forggensee. Here you're fishing with a view of majestic mountains and the world famous castle of Neuschwanstein. Several fish species exist in the  Forggensee and a limitation on fishing is only imposed on carps and game fish. You can fish with two rods and all bait aside from live bait is permitted. The angling season starts at the beginning of May at the Forggensee, but you can fish for whitefish already in April.

Fishers and anglers should visit the legendary Alatsee, which is surrounded by deep forests and jagged peaks and lies close to Füssen. The lake, which has a size of 12 hectares is the home of pikes, trouts, carps, tench and whitefish. At the Alatsee you can only fish from the lakeside and you can use up to two handrods to do so. All bait aside from live bait is permitted. A fishing limit is imposed on carps, tench and game fish. The angling season start in the middle of April.

From the 1st of May the angling season start at the river Lech, which changes from gentle to white water throughout the idyllic mountainscape. Great experiences in nature during fly fishing are guaranteed. For fishers and anglers there are countless other attractive waters in and around Füssen, as for example the Faulenbacher lakes or the Hopfensee.

Angling maps for most waters are available for the local fishing club. Further information regarding all fishing grounds are also available at the tourist information of Füssen, Weißensee and Hopfen am See.

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