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Districts of Füssen

When planing a holiday near the alps, many people are drawn to the most beautiful regions of southern Bavaria. Located in this part of the eastern Allgäu is the small city of Füssen, which has already been in the focus of touristic activities for decades.

With its ancient castles and palaces, its many options of leisure activities, which include wellness and sports, as well as its townscape which is steeped in history, this community counting 15.000 inhabitants is famous among tourists beyond the borders of Germany. In the 4 districts of Füssen you'll find lots of things that will make you enjoy a weekend or more in the eastern Allgäu.

The area of Füssen is separated into 4 districts: Füssen, Bad Faulenbach, Hopfen am See and Weißensee. All of these districts offer lots of culture as well as leisure and recreational activities that will make your holiday in the Allgäu unforgettable.

Weißensee – A paradise for tourists and hikers

If you love nature and like to spend much time in green surroundings, then you should visit Weißensee. Make your choice out of hundreds of hiking trails and explore them on your own, with your partner or in an organized hiking tour. Weißensee is used to tourism, which means that several rustic and traditional hotel options exist. The locals are always happy to recommend hiking options or restaurants to you.

The spa town which is located in vicinity of the city center of Füssen also has something to offer for families. Among other activities you have the option to book a family holiday on a farm or spend your stay in one of the budget friendly hotels in town.

Bad Faulenbach – Isolated and traditional

Bad Faulenbach is located close to the historic part of Füssen. Book one of the few available accommodation options for guaranteed idyll and the true feeling of having the local surroundings all for yourself. All sights like Hohenschwangau, the historic part of Füssen and the festival hall can easily be reached by car and nearby bike and hiking trails complete your holidays surrounded by nature.

Hopfen am See – The hydrotherapy destination built close to the water

People looking for a healthy climate, as well as hydrotherapy tourists are drawn to the warmest pre-alpine lake and it's diverse touristic offerings. Relax in one of the many spa hotels or sanatoriums and have a relaxed bath at pleasant temperatures with a direct view of the castle of Neuschwanstein. Take a walk at the river promenade, which is also known as the Riveria of the Allgäu!

Füssen – A small town in the middle of the eastern Allgäu

The historic old town of Füssen offers all the benefits of a small town in the Allgäu. Known as the birthplace of the lute and as a place where many musicians and artists stayed, the city center offers lots of culture as well as countless concerts, as well as small traditional restaurants in a rustic setting. Experience the heart of this city which counts 15.000 inhabitants through one of the multiple street parades that take place each year and visit the relicts of antique roman past.

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