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Culture in Füssen

If you're just expecting relaxation and outdoor activities in the Allgäu area you'll be glad to know that there are plenty of cultural offerings in this town with a history dating back almost two thousand years. Dive into the fascinating history of the eastern Allgäu!

The reason for the rich history is it's location in the direct vicinity to the Via Claudia Augusta. The connecting street to Augsburg served the Romans as a mean of transport and was one of the most important streets at that time. The military camp Foetibus which was erected at the current location of the city,  developed into a real independent city over the years. With the advent of Christianity, the cityscape also got enriched with the high castle. This summer residence of bishops became a victim of the secularization and was turned into a defense post.

All of these centuries are reflected in the cityscape. Fans of the antique past can still find traces of the roman watchtowers and military camps, which date back to the third century b.c. The history of the church in the city of Füssen can be seen in the museum of the benedictine monastery St. Mang, where one can see an old monastic library, as well as a historic dining room of the monks.

Music lovers know Füssen as the birthplace of the lute. It's the founding city of the first lute maker guild, which made the city known beyond the borders of the region. A permanent exhibition about this topic is housed in the museum of the city of Füssen.

In the high castle of Füssen you can find examples of old gothic and late gothic art. It can be seen in the architecture of the castle itself, as for example in the gothic wooden ceilings, as well as in the paintings that are on display, also date back to this time and all originate from the region of Swabia and the Allgäu.

A visit to the city archive allows a glimpse into historic items of the city, which include old house ownership records, local newspapers and construction protocols of the monastery of St. Mang.

Modernity and Events

Next to its historic relevance, Füssen also fulfills the cultural demands of modern times. Countless of events related to art and music take place almost daily. No matter if you're interested in concerts, lectures or short term exhibitions in relation to specific topics – people interested in culture are sure to find what they want in the region of Füssen. The festival hall of Füssen with its highly modern architecture is the main location for events in the region and first and foremost provides a rich offering in symphonies and musicals, as well as cabaret and gardening exhibitions. You can also find many small theaters in the region as well as cinemas and bars with regular events of various kinds.

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