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Castles in the region around Füssen

Bavaria is not only known inside of Germany as the state with the most beautiful castles and palaces. With it's monarchic background that is steeped in history, the former kingdom contains summer residences and palaces of past monarchs.

A special part is the region around Füssen, where a whole row of picturesque palaces and old castles stretch out alongside a romantic road. Many of these castles are located directly in the region and can either be reached by foot or by car within a few minutes. A day trip is recommended if you want to see a few of them.

Many castles in the region around Füssen were built during the late middle ages and during the time of the Bavarian kingdom. While the land was owned by the church until the secularization took place (i.e. the area around the high castle, which was owned by the bishops of the city of Augsburg), it got distributed to  monarchs and aristocrats later on.

The four most known castles of the region

If you walk along the romantic road of Füssen for about 6 kilometers, you'll reach Hohenschwangau. There you'll find the showpiece of Bavarian castle architecture, the castle of Neuschwanstein. Well known beyond the borders of Europe, this building can be reached within a few minutes by car and offers the wonderful opportunity to get to know the era of King Ludwig the 2nd.

In it's direct vicinity you can find the castle of Hohenschwangau, which lies in the shadow of it's famous counterpart Neuschwanstein, but certainly doesn't have to hide there. The former castle originally was the residence of the local aristocracy and still has it's medieval exterior, which makes it special compared to the pompous palace of Neuschwanstein. Use the opportunity for a family vacation from Füssen along the famous romantic road and be sure to make a stop at Hohenschwangau.

You don't want to travel far? Then the high castle next to Füssen is worth a visit. The number one among the cultural attractions of the city is in a good condition both outside and inside and allows for an insight into the early and late Gothic period. Several museums and exhibitions take place in the age old and well restaurated knights' halls and the watchtowers invite you for a panoramic view.

Fans of castles and palaces will find everything their heart desires around the region of Füssen in the eastern Allgäu. Nowhere else you'll find such a dense architectural evidence of the time of kings and the church that has been kept in such a great condition. Dive into the fascinating world of castles and palaces of southwest Bavaria!



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