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In the search for the right leisure activities during a holiday in the eastern Allgäu, a trip to one of the countless lakes in the region of Füssen shouldn't be missing on your list of things to do. If you listen to the advice of the tourist information and take a trip to the Forggensee or the Weißensee, you're often skipping the real jewel of the region.

The Alpsee lake might not be comparable to them in terms of size and touristic activities on offer, but due to it's elegance and beauty it's worth a visit none the less.

The Alpsee is located in the region of Hohenschwangau and from the castles of the fairy tale king Ludwig II, Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, you can have a great view of it's even, deep blue waters. With a dimension that almost measures a square kilometer and it's depth of about 62 meters, it's in the median when it comes to the size comparison with other lakes in the region. The lake was already known as a picturesque place to spend a day in the summer during medieval times. Noblemen and high ranking members of the church choose to erect their castles and palaces here to enjoy the idyll of the Allgäu in it's majestic  atmosphere.

Sporting activities at the Alpsee

Hikers will enjoy the popular route around the Alpsee. The lakeshore, which is a nature conservation and therefore completely undeveloped, comes handy as a point of orientation and stays close to your side.

Swimmers can enjoy the specially constructed open air swimming facility of the lake. There you'll also be able to choose to take part in regularly offered wellness and health programs. On the traces of Ludwig II, you can swim from the one side of the lakeshore to the other side just like the king. With a steady view of the majestic castle of Neuschwanstein you'll feel as if you have traveled back to the time of the Bavarian monarchy.

A natural and unfenced bathing site is located at the eastern shore, which is also a popular endpoint for day trips and bicycle tours.

The Alpsee lake is also a paradise for anglers. The local fish stock includes trouts, pikes and chars, which attracts sport anglers and beginners alike. Fishing courses are offered as well.

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