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If you want to explore the more remote corners of the eastern Allgäu, you should consider a visit of the Alat lake. It's located between the lower Weißenseeberg and the Burkenbichlberg in a narrow canyon, separated from the well known Weißensee.

Tourists rarely go to the Alatsee, but are rewarded for the trip with a scenery that is picturesque and mythical at the same time with views of ancient trees, tall reeds and a view of the mountaintops of the alps.

The lake, which is rather small with it's length of 490m and a width of 290m impresses none the less through it's atypical, natural form and surroundings. In contrast to the Forggensee, it's a natural lake and therefore can be used for swimming all year round.

History and Legends

The Alatsee lake is just 100 meters away from the austrian border and is not very present in the awareness of the public, as it's big brother the Weißensee lake is located directly next to it. The area around it is uninhabited, but long ago there was at least one Celtic place of worship next to the lakeshore.

The inhospitable, hilly and misshapen surroundings of the Alatsee always caused it to be shrouded by myths and legends. At all times there were myths and legends about ghosts and fabulous creatures that lived in or around the lake, waiting to pull careless wanderers as well as locals into it's depths. If you ask some of the locals it's even possible to get to the bordering country of Austria through one of the scary chasms.

If you dare to make the journey to the lake, despite the frightening legends, you'll be captivated by the isolated, idyllic and enchanted location as well as the still, mysterious character of the waters. The trees and bushes that were misshapen by the wind create a unique landscape in this region, which is not commonly found in touristically developed areas.

A unique lake

Due to it's special biological conditions, the ecosystem of the Alatsee is still an object of intense research. The fish population of the lake still hasn't been fully researched yet and the same is also true for the fresh water polyps and their ability to survive in the lake. Scientists as well as amateur biologists are regularly drawn to the Alatsee for this reason.

Activities for Tourists

If you prefer a conventional holiday, you still can find plenty of activities. A hike lakeshore which is densely overgrown or a walk through the forest like surroundings with it's hilly ascends and chasms is an exciting adventure as well as something different from the usual tourist attractions in the region. If you want to eat somewhere outside of hotels, mountain huts and local restaurants, why not have a picknick at the Alatsee, with it's few tourists and magnificent alpine views.

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