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The City of Füssen in the Allgäu

A trip into the heart of the eastern Allgäu – Füssen and it's surroundings are a travel destination for countless tourists every year. No matter if you travel in a tour group, with your family, with someone else or by yourself – this tourist magnet impresses not only through it's picturesque setting between the Bavarian alps with lakes and endless greenery, but also though it's diverse and attractive offerings of culture, entertainment and wellness.

In the summer and in the winter as well the region of Füssen offer lots of opportunities to turn your holiday plans into reality. From wellness to sports or education, there is no shortage of local offerings. Enjoy your holiday as you please in the tranquil atmosphere of this city next to the river of Lech which counts 15000 inhabitants.

If you want to travel to the Allgäu region, you should choose Füssen. Next to Oberstdorf, which is one of the tourist capitals of the Allgäu, this traditional and fascinating small town with a history dating back almost 2000 years offers a great example of this region.

A romantic holiday for two gets the right idyllic touch in Füssen. Experience this region of fairytale beauty with it's lakes, hills and castles. Charm your partner with a stay in one of the comfortable luxury hotels (i.e. Hotel Füssen) in the center of the city to dine with a view of the high castle with it's century old mythical facades.

Take a walk through the historic part of the city and stroll around the traditional restaurants, small galleries and manufacturers or busy marketplaces that invite you to stay for a while. Take the time for a day trip with your partner to the famous castle of Neuschwanstein or discover the lakes of the „King's nook“.

Sports fans will also get their fair share of activities in Füssen. Exciting bike tours under professional conditions allow for a highly intense training, which swimmers and climbers can choose between several tours, courses or activities without a guide. The wide landscape invites you to discover it by yourself. Countless hiking trails and kneipp tours also offer something for those in need for therapeutic exercise. As Füssen is directly located at the Alps, you can hike on three different altitudes or discover the area with a bicycle.

When you're done with your activities you can relax in one of the many wellness oasis or visit one of the famous museums in the afternoon, like the state gallery in the high castle. Taste the famous Bavarian cuisine in one of the  traditional restaurants and discover the local hospitality and zest for life first hand.

You can spend the night in Füssen in one of the noble hotels in the city center. Nature lovers will enjoy the campsites in the middle of the green environment. Budget options are the youth hostels in the city center that especially offer interesting alternatives for group tours.

A holiday in Füssen offers everything that a tourist could desire.

Hotels & Apartments

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